Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique


people senhor da pedra 1101 01 small bwSenhor da Pedra, Gulpilhares, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, 2011

(Fuji S3Pro, Nikkor 75-300mm f4,5-5,6)

Yes, my life is unique, I was fortunate enough to meet unique people, I’ve been lucky enough to find myself in unique places. Like this one, the magical chapel named Senhor da Pedra, Lord of the Stone in a free and inaccurate translation. The Christian chapel was erected in 1686, in the spot previously used for pagan naturalist celebrations. With such a mystical past, blessed by the magnificent Atlantic Ocean , this is one of my favourite places in the world. Unique, indeed.


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  1. I love Portugal,too. And I would like to know much more about people , culture ,art…..
    Meeting your blog satisfies ,in part, my wish…..
    Thank you ,my friend for sharing your amazing photos!

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