RolleiCord 3.5


rolleiA long time ago, an old RolleiCord 3.5 left Caramulo, a small town in the Portuguese mountains, crossing the Atlantic Ocean to Rio de Janeiro. Along with the camera, a dream, the dream of becoming a professional photographer in the land of Vera Cruz. Both the dream and the Rollei ended up in Petrópolis, on the beautiful mountains of Rio. The dream was then put on hold, inside a small room on the back of a Tea House. The young dreamer ended up working in the Copacabana Tea House, the best in Petrópolis, right outside the Emperor’s Palace. In the meantime he didn’t give up photography, and replaced the RolleiCord for a better twin lens reflex, the Rolleiflex 2.8. The old camera was left behind, while the dream flew back with him to Lisbon.
25 years later the RolleiCord made its way back to Caramulo, because “it was of no use”. It was late in the night, but I undertstood what it ment: the beautifull camera would be soon in my hands, following a family tradition. Yes, the dreamer who once sailed to Brazil is my father. The RolleiCord that found its way back is mine. For now.


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